The United States Public Education System


It is important to note that the education system of the United States is entirely different from both developing and many developed countries. The basic education, for instance, is a primary role for federal government in education is seen as fundamental right for everyone. The public education system in the United States is arranged in such a way that every State have their education system with most States funding most of the public school, and this forms the major source of funds in school. It is estimated that the federal government gives up to 10% of the national education budget funds.

It is further important to note that every local government manages their education system and they fund them in different proportion depending on the rules and regulations which are set aside to govern the school administration in that local government. For instance, States like Minnesota provide over 80% of total public education funds from the state meaning 20% are sourced from other sources like federal government gives less than  5%, while the remaining 17% comes from the local sources. Therefore, regarding funding, the public education in the US is majorly public affairs, and most funds come from the public coffers.

Regarding education structure, the education system is arranged such that one must pass through 12 grades before they could proceed to higher education. The grades are arranged such that they have primary education or in common terms is elementary schools which pupils start at the age of 5-6 years, and it takes a total of between 5-6 years before they could proceed to the next stage of education which is secondary education. The secondary education system is arranged in 2 parts or programs which consist of middle school and junior school education while the second part consists of high school where a student is awarded a diploma certificate upon graduation, and this is 12th grade. After completion of 12th grade, then students are allowed to proceed to college or University which is now a higher education system.


Regarding management, public education is managed by every State since each, and every State has their department of education with laws and regulation which governing how they are being financed, staff hiring, curriculum and admission of students. Therefore, it is clear that every State has greater control on the development of curriculum system and the requirements which must be attained by students before they could proceed to the next stage of education and how the school is being funded. Regarding grading system, all the grades are done by every school and are very vital regarding admission to the University or college. Regarding courses, subject and the general management of public schools, there is a wide variation.