How the Welsh Education System Works

Wales as a state has gone miles ahead to make sure that its citizen access education.  The government has contributed much to the development of the sector. Today the number of Wales students joining school has increased significantly since the education is compulsory to all ages including the adults.

In Wales, all early education to primary schools through to higher learning benefit from the Welsh medium education. It has immensely increased the population of students enrolling in educational institutions all over Wales annually. Welsh as a language taught to students to the age of 16; Schools teach lessons in Welsh in Welsh-medium schools and English-medium schools.

The Welsh Education System Structure

•    Early Childhood Education

By the age of 3-5 years, children enroll in various schools; it is a parent responsibility to make sure that they get to school at the right age. It has been the practice among the Wales nation than any other European country which has considered the age was a bit lower but have in recent times lowered theirs

•    Primary School

The children are supposed to spend another 4 to 5 years in the initial stage, which prepares them to be able to face future school life. Key stage 1 as a stage of compulsory primary education age 5-7, key stage 2 is the second phase of compulsory primary education for ages 7-11 examinations are done and assessed by teachers. The Wales primary school system has no big difference from the rest of European countries.

•    Secondary School 

Wales’s children at the age of 11 to 16 years old undergo the secondary education system which is essential to all.  Welsh students do their GCSE exams in stages and are expected to finish at the age of sixteen. Others can go up to eighteen years in which more some subjects covered include the Welsh language. For those planning to advance the secondary education will sit viagra pas cher AS stage exams of 3 or 5 key subjects then proceed to do an A level exam.

•    University, College Education System

Well established colleges and universities in Wales remain dependable within the Welsh students who pass A level exams.  Enrollment has significantly improved because of the good will of the government to increase resources for the Wales institutions, and the students have subsidized fee payment plan. The stunned measures and regulations made by the Wales community to give its citizen quality education, there is a few alternative school system so far achieved.

The ACCCAC is responsible for regulations of qualifications awarded to students by City and Guilds, Edexcel, WJEC, OCR, and AQA. The body is also responsible for keeping the Welsh school curriculum and advising the ministry of education.

The education watchdog Estyn is responsible for gauging the standard and quality of education in every school in Wales.